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Skincare in a class of its own


Sustainable Green Beauty


GENUS represents a true evolution in skincare. These innovative formulas are designed to perfectly suit the skin biologically. GENUS is the first Plant Based, Biomimetic and Hypoallergenic skin care range on the market.


Clean beauty no longer has to be basic. We understand you want more than "free from" claims in your products. We use a logical "Skin First" approach with nothing but the most advanced plant based ingredients.

Our commitment from the beginning was to make the best natural skin care products on the market. It was our desire to give you the best in everything from the beautiful ceramic glass packaging to the highest quality natural ingredients available. These products are designed to make you feel special and a bit indulgent, while you also get to have glowing healthy skin to show for it!

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

We understand your skincare is an investment you are sometimes unsure of, so rest assured if any product does not suit your skin we will gladly refund your money.

INTRODUCING The essentials

New Mini Discovery set now available!

Discover the benefits of these luxurious, beautifully clean formulas for a healthy glowing skin!

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We give you the resources to make you an expert

Learn fascinating facts about your skin through our Naturopathic Skin Diagnosing Tool, E-Books, and Blogs

Healthy skin, that is luminous, glowing, and defies age is what we all want

Your skin is a reflection of your overall wellbeing. Nurturing yourself, body and mind is important if you want healthy skin. We are dedicated to providing you with the best resources so that you can have all the tools to achieve your best skin ever. Check out one of our EBooks today!

Naturopathic Skin Decoder Part 1 - What Iris Analysis Can Tell You About Your Skin

The Ultimate Guide To Beauty Supplements 


I’ve been using the cleanser and oil for the past 2 days & wow! My skin is feeling & looking amazing! My partner told me it looked like I had a filter on my skin 😳 that’s how good it looked! I’m in love with this oil. Total game changer! My next purchase will be the serum & moisturiser, absolutely loving it & the packaging is beautiful!

Chelsey S.

I absolutely Love The Bio-Rejuvenation Intensive Oil , which I was blessed to receive in a gift bag from The Green Edit. I've used lots of well-known brands and worked for several cosmetic companies, and this oil is I think possibly the best product I've used and seen a noticeable difference in my skin. I have a fairly dehydrated skin at times, I no longer have the dehydration lines on my cheek/ jawline area ! And definitely less depth in my forehead lines

Sonja J.

I have used The Cell-Relief Cleanser for approximately 4 weeks morning and night and have noticed not only how gently it removes makeup from skin, but there is no stinging, dryness or redness that I have experienced with other products, it leaves my face feeling moisturised, fresh and clean. It has definitely reduced the congestion that I had.

Amy S.

Genus Bio-Rejuvenation Oil is one of my favourite products it's light and a small drop goes a long way. Using this product with the Hydro-Therapy serum has changed my skin. My skin feels soft, nourished, hydrated, and the overall appearance of my skin is glowing and youthful. These two are my power packs.

Wendy S.

I have introduced the Cell Relief Cleanser which has an instant calming and refreshing feel, my skin is smoother and calmer. The Physio ~ Logic Fortifying Moisturizer has a healing and strengthening affect, it feels like silk. I feel my skin is so much stronger; Genus skincare is a really impressive skin health product.

Emma C.

I've been using the beautiful Genus cleanser and moisturiser for a few weeks now. My skin immediately felt more soft and supple but now it feels like it glows from the inside out! Even with no makeup applied it looks and feels smoother.

Catherine S.

Vegan Skincare Products