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All Natural Vegan Skincare 

Genus represents a true evolution in skincare. In fact, we have actually redefined natural skincare to ensure you have access to clean beauty that really works. Featuring natural bio-identical skincare as well as hypoallergenic and anti-inflammation formulations, our Australian made products are in a class of their own.

Formulated with all-natural ingredients, our regime of Relief Nutritive Cleanser, Therapy Line Filling serum, Logic Fortifying Moisturiser and Rejuvenation Intensive Oil is the complete package. Focusing on cell, hydro, physio and bio, the products work together to stimulate the skin to heal, repair and regenerate itself. Genus really is clean beauty that provides results.

Our Ingredients 

Our all-natural skincare range is able to deliver scientifically proven active ingredients that aren’t harmful on the skin or to the environment. The range has also been carefully designed to avoid common allergens.

By eliminating the use of fragrances and essential oils, we are able to create products that are kind to all skin types from sensitive and eczema prone to rosacea and acne prone. Allowing you to feel truly happy in your own skin without having to harm the environment.

Ethically Sourced Beauty 

Genus Skincare is the first plant-based, biomimetic and hypoallergenic skincare range that delivers a complete physiological approach for skin rejuvenation. Clean beauty shouldn’t negatively impact the environment, nor should it include basic formulas.

Our vegan skincare doesn’t compromise on basic human and animal rights principles. This means that there is no petrolatum and animal derivatives, as well as no sulphates and parabens in our products. Our range of essential skincare is truly clean and pure.