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Discovery Mini Set
Discovery Mini Set
Discovery Mini Set

Genus Skin Care

Discovery Mini Set


Want to discover a new luxurious vegan product range with a distinct difference?


Each of the Genus Skincare products are developed with biomimetic ingredients and phospholipid bases without the use of waxes or thickeners. The biomimetic construction of these products restores a healthy skin barrier, as well as being intensely hydrating and reparative.


This set provides you with enough product to feel and see the amazing difference Genus will make to you skin.


The Complete Genus Regime


Cell-Relief Nutrive Cleanser 40 ml.

Hydro-Therapy Line Filling Serum 10 ml.

Physio-Logic Fortifying Moisturiser 20 ml.

Bio-Rejuvenation Intensive Oil 10 ml.


Step 1 – Cleanse - Cell~Relief Nutritive Cleanser.

A unique hybrid cleanser that is a combination of a cleansing oil and milk. Effortlessly removes all traces of makeup, and impurities, without stripping the skin with harsh surfactants.  Fortified with plant based saponins, prebiotics, bentonite and hydration factors. Our cleanser has a deeply nourishing effect, which leaves your skin feeling velvety soft, smooth and perfectly hydrated.

Directions for use: Use twice per day. Safe to use around eyes. Use cleanser as a leave on mask 2-3 times per week for a beautiful hydrating treatment.

Step 2 – Hydrate and plump the skin - Hydro~Therapy Line Filling Serum

This luxurious serum will immediately create softer more supple skin with an illuminating glow. Restores hydration in the skin with natural moisturising factors and a patented biomimetic lipid blend (L22). Plumps and softens the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Directions for use:  Use at night under oil serum and under day moisturiser if you are inclined to dry / dehydrated skin. Young, balanced skins can use this as lightweight moisturiser or make-up primer on its own.

Step 3 – Protect and Strengthen -  Physio~Logic Fortifying Moisturiser

The essential daily moisturiser with a multi-tasking ingredient profile that provides the ultimate for skin protection. Fortified with probiotics, ceramides, blue-light and infra-red protection, hyaluronic acid, and a biomimetic lipid profile, for a healthy, glowing skin.

Directions for use: Use daily on its own, or you may apply hydration serum around eyes or entire face first for an extra firming, line smoothing and hydrating effect.

Step 4 – Rejuvenate - Bio~Rejuvenation Intensive Oil

An intensive, highly concentrated oil in a biomimetic oil base, enriched with vital emollients to target skin lipid deficiencies for rapid skin renewal. The ultimate antiaging weapon that tackles aging on multiple levels. Peptides improve skin tone and elasticity, greatly reducing the appearance of wrinkles. Potent polyphenols from ginger, turmeric and naringenein stop “inflamm-aging” in its tracks. Fortified with panthenol to boost hydration.

Directions for use: Use every night on its own or with Hydration Serum for dehydrated / dry skin types. For very dry skin this oil can be used under moisturiser during the day as well.


Our Ingredients

Innovative green chemistry at the core of the whole Genus range. We only include ingredients which are beneficial to the skin, with our decades of experience in cosmetics and years of R&D, we know what ingredients and formulas work best for the skin. Genus Skincare’s unique natural products are at the pinnacle of cosmeceutical vegan skincare.

Our products are unique

The genus products feel light weight, sheer, and non-greasy and are designed for ultimate skin penetration so the active ingredients have the most efficacy. Despite the lightweight texture, these products are all deeply nourishing and fortify the skin with a rich supply of bioidentical lipids, and moisturising factors. All our ingredients are sustainable and ethically sourced, as well as being fragrance free and hypoallergenic




Discovery Mini Set

Discovery Mini Set