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Biomimetic Science

At its essence biomimicry is innovation that is inspired by nature. Biomimicry and biomimetics come from the Greek words bios, meaning life, and mimesis, also meaning to imitate.


Biomimetic skin care is an advanced approach to formulation utilising innovative plant-based and synthetic biomimetic ingredients that integrate nature and science. These ingredients mimic skin structures and biochemicals which enable optimal delivery and results; this is the next frontier in natural skin care.

A Biomimetic approach goes beyond basic product formulation by delivering a synergistic combination of phospholipids, pre and probiotics, natural moisturising factors, skin identical lipids, peptides, vitamins and amino acids. These products are designed with very strict requirements, and thorough research into each ingredient’s interaction with the skin.

Many natural cosmetics are formulated with basic emulsifiers that can disrupt the stratum corneum lipid content and leave the skin vulnerable to dehydration and irritation. 

Genus Skincare utilises biomimetic phospholipid emulsifiers in every emulsion. The phospholipid emulsifiers mimic the lipid structure contained in the skin and thereby strengthen the skin barrier on application and enable better delivery of active ingredients. Biomimetic phospholipid emulsifiers create a “second skin” effect which strengthens the skin barrier, reducing trans-epidermal water loss (TEWL), as well as increasing delivery of active ingredients into the skin.

Phospholipids are essential constituents of cell membranes in all living organisms and therefore possess perfect technical and physiological properties for ultimate skin compatibility and skin health.


If you're obsessed with skincare science you have come to the right place! To read more about the science behind the products and immerse yourself in research papers - click here.

 Biomimetic Skin Care