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Learn to understand your skin from a new perspective. This book unlocks a new guide to skin analysis.

There are general iris signs that are visible to the naked eye that can still provide some very good indicators of why your skin may have tendencies to certain conditions such as acne or dermatitis. This EBook is a great guide on how to spot some of the key iris signs and  how they can correspond to skin imbalances. Learn to utilise some of the nutritional / lifestyle guidelines associated with iris signs to improve your skin.

Written by Naturopath and Genus founder Selina Mithen

Do you need a beauty supplement? What are the best skincare supplements?

Beauty supplements and drinks are everywhere. This Ebook clears up the confusion from collagen supplements to "beauty" drinks, and hair, skin, nail formulas and gives you the facts about what works and what you actually need to take according to your skin type.

Written by naturopath and skin health expert

Selina Mithen