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Genus (gē nus) definition ~ in philosophical and general terms a class of things that have common characteristics and shared traits GENUS embodies the philosophy that we all possess our own unique beauty and that we all share the desire to feel truly happy in our skin.  


Our Ethos:


With so many beauty / skincare brands on the market, we do feel for the consumer trying to navigate the hype from truth. We truly value being honest and real. You will always get clear information on products as well as complete transparency. We will never exaggerate claims or make false promises.


You are the most important thing to us, and we love to make you feel good! We treat our customers with respect, and speak to you as intelligent, discerning, human beings. We are here to serve you and will always listen to you and welcome your feedback.


We believe that we all have enough to contend with these days, so our message to you will always be to encourage individuality, self acceptance, and to foster self love.


We will provide you science based facts and resources on all things related to skin health, and product ingredients. You can feel confident about becoming your own skin expert.


We won’t rely on scare mongering campaigns to elevate our brand and will always endeavor to be positive and helpful in our language as a brand.


It is our mission to provide you with the highest of quality in everything that we offer.


This underlies everything we do. We love to research everything down to the fine detail and are absolutely obsessed getting it right for the you.


We will continue to remain actively involved in the latest research in the skincare industry and setting new standards in product quality and performance.

Our Ethos