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"This is my life’s work, and its time to put all my experience and knowledge into something remarkable".

I have spent years developing products for big and small companies to their agenda, and not as I wanted them to be, I longed to make some products myself that truly were advanced, holistic and encompassed everything I have learned over the course of my career,.

I would often get asked, "Why don't you make your own skincare products?" and I guess the main reason I haven't before is fear - pure and simple. The time had come to just get over myself and get on with it!

I knew I could really help people with their skin. I know the skin and what it needs to be healthy.

I have dedicated my entire career to researching the nutritional, environmental, and topical reasons why the skin can become imbalanced, and felt that I could offer a new approach.  I started my career as a Beauty therapist, then became a qualified Naturopath, where skin health, stress management, and digestive health were my key areas of interest. I saw a distinct connection between stress and illness and knew that managing stress is a crucial for an individuals wellbeing so I became a qualified Meditation teacher in order to help my clients.

I wanted a change from clinic life and decided to focus on skin health where I went on to study cosmetic science and formulation, which eventually led me to a corporate career as a product developer. My special interest in formulations and sensitive skins came from working as an R and D Manager for a natural Dermatological brand.

I realized that there just weren't any products available that were premium, cosmeceutical, plant based and truly sympathetic to the skin - meaning safe and free of common irritants and allergens.

I have worked on these products and concepts for a few years now, and have gotten to a place where I am so proud of what I've created and know that they will help so many people feel good about their skin again.

I see the need for complete dedication and innovation in every product made which is why I personally work on the formulas myself. You can be assured that every ingredient is carefully researched and based on scientific evidence.

As each formula comes into completion it gives me a great sense of pride and satisfaction that I have delivered the very best product for your skin – hand on heart!