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Sustainable Green Beauty


Genus Skincare adheres to the following Green Beauty Ethos:

  • Safety of ingredients and formulations

  • Transparency

  • Sustainability

  • Ethical Sourcing


Years ago, natural skin care products were viewed upon as inferior in performance to their synthetic counterparts, they were heavy and relied on crude herbal extracts and essential oils as active ingredients.

There is so much innovation in green chemistry surrounding the development of plant based ingredients, that natural has now superseded synthetic in terms of sophistication, efficacy and benefit to the skin. The good news is that natural skincare doesn’t mean we have to compromise on quality or results.

All raw materials are sourced from sustainably responsible companies that have complete transparency regarding their supply chains. Green chemistry is at the core of the GENUS products and we utilise ingredients that sourced from plant materials where the development of some of these ingredients are designed to conserve on plant material and land space needed for production, for example – Live Plant Cells Cultures , and Bio-fermented ingredients. The sophistication and innovation of these ingredients allows GENUS Skincare to be highly advanced skin care products.

All ingredients are biodegradable and pose no risk to the environment or natural fauna and sea life, and are certified COSMOS / Ecocert.

The rising growth in the clean beauty category signifies that we no longer want to use products on our skin that contain irritating or harmful ingredients. The expectation of "free from claims" is beginning to become the norm among skincare consumers who value safety and eco-responsibility. 

Being a Clean Beauty brand means that the ingredients are sustainably sourced, and come from plant-based chemistry, botanical extraction, marine biotechnology, as well as utilising vitamins and minerals. The finished products as well as the individual ingredients are not tested on animals.

Clean beauty should also mean that brands are happy to comply with full transparency, as consumers become more informed on ingredients. Checking ingredient lists is more important than ever, particularly where sensitivities to some ingredients exists.

Genus products are Australian made, premium formulas made with the highest quality ingredients, packaged in recyclable glass containers and cartons made from recycled paper.


Plant Based Skincare